During the course of the year we run a range of events, covering a variety of topics and audiences. These include seminars, workshops, discussion groups and forums.

Details of any forthcoming events will be listed below. Additionally, if you would like to be notified of upcoming events you can register your interest.

New Events

Biden Administration – The Made in America Tax Plans

Tax Increases and Chances for Success

Hosted by: James McLaughlin, Associate Director

Featuring: Ed Rieu - Consultant - US Tax Specialist

This podcast will discuss proposals to increase individual and corporate rates and to change the way income of US-owned foreign companies is taxed. How these proposals affect US-connected individuals and companies outside the US will also be addressed.

Post Brexit – VAT & Immigration

Hosted by: Sanjay Bathija, COO

Featuring: Shaun King, Director at Kings VAT and Nicolette Bostock, Senior Solicitor at Laura Devine Immigration

In the first section of this podcast, Shaun King and Sanjay Bathija discuss the problems businesses are facing in the UK and the EU with the payment of VAT and Customs Duties when importing and exporting goods. In the second section (starting at 13:08), Nicolette Bostock answers some commonly asked questions on immigration.

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Podcast: Tax Planning

Hosted by: Sue Doran, Associate Director and Daniel Sopher, Senior Partner

With the end of the 2020-21 tax year approaching and a budget day scheduled for 3 March 2021 tax planning and speculation as to what may be included in that famous red box is a hot topic. We will also discuss the wider tax landscape, the Wealth Tax Commission report and the proposed recommended changes to Capital Gains Tax.

Past Events

US Elections - The Impact of Potential Tax Changes on US-connected Individuals and Businesses

Location: Webinar

Date: Tuesday 6th October 2020 at 2pm

Hosted by: Ed Rieu, Consultant – US Tax Specialist

The 2020 US presidential election is fast approaching, with the campaigns mainly focusing on how to deal with the pandemic, social justice and the economy. However, one area where individuals and businesses in the UK with US interests should at least consider is what may happen with taxes.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden released his detailed proposed tax plan in July, and with Trump’s proposals expected this month, we will take an in depth look at what they may mean for US individuals based in the UK as well as those investing in the US.

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Property Tax Changes – Update and FAQs

Location: Webinar

Date: Thursday 21st May, 11am

Hosted by: James McLaughlin, Associate Director and Sue Doran, Associate Director

From 6 April 2020 new Capital Gains Tax rules come into effect that will impact UK residents selling UK residential property that is not their main residence. Any capital gains tax due will now be payable 30 days after completion. In this session we will cover this as well as any frequently asked questions on property tax issues as an owner, developer or investor.

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Cybersecurity for SMEs

Location: Webinar

Date: Thursday 14th May, 2pm

Hosted by: Tarek Meliti, TDM Group

Within a short period, many businesses arranged for remote working but what impact has this had on their cybersecurity and what are the future issues we face as we adapt this into our normal working lives. We discuss some practical solutions to put in place, potential risks to be aware of.

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Wellbeing: A new home/ work life balance

Location: Webinar

Date: Thursday 7th May, 2pm

Hosted by: Katie Millett, The Chelsea Wellness Coach

Top tools and tips for remote workers around recognising and managing stress. During our time together, will we also discuss how to recognise stress in others, whether employees, family or friends and how we could support those around us effectively. For those workers who are planning to return to the workplace, we will look at how to ease the change, establishing a new healthy and happy balance between office/ home working moving forward.

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The Importance of Power of Attorneys

Location: Webinar

Date: Thursday 23rd April, 11am

Hosted by: Shandip Shah, Will & LPA Consultant

An LPA lets you appoint one or more people you trust to make decisions on your behalf should you lose mental capacity whether through an accident or illness. It can prove invaluable to plan for this eventuality especially in uncertain times such as the global pandemic which we find ourselves in and such plans help to give individuals reassurance that trusted person(s) will be able to step in when needed. It’s a vital document for financial planning in this day and age.

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