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Established in 1975, Sopher + Co is a trusted business adviser of choice for entrepreneurs, owner-managed businesses, high net worth individuals, professional partnerships and expats.

Founded in Borehamwood, this led to our initial client base to be predominately made up of individuals and businesses from media & entertainment. Since then we have grown expertise with our portfolio now spanning over 20 industries.

Our teams of accountants, tax advisers and business advisers pride themselves on our entrepreneurial approach to our clients’ personal and business affairs based on trust and expert advice. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer ‘Big Four’ advice at reasonable prices. From company accounts and audit and bookkeeping and payroll services to tax advisory services and VAT advice, we can assist with the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Our support is tailored to our clients’ specific circumstances, and we ensure that we deliver excellence in response to all queries to ensure they are resolved in an efficient manner. This, combined with the personalised service that clients receive, means that long-lasting working relationships are formed.

To find out how Sopher + Co can help you to maximise your personal or your business’s profitability and minimise your tax liability, please contact us.

Diversity Survey Findings

We are pleased to share the results of our recently completed annual survey for 2023. We are proud to announce that we received a good response rate, with 121 out of 160 staff members participating in the survey, representing a robust 76% of our workforce. (Please note that all percentages in this report are rounded for simplicity).

Professionally, our survey revealed that 43% of respondents are members of a chartered accountancy body and 15% are qualified through other professional bodies.

19% of respondents are in training for a Chartered qualification and 35% in training for other qualifications, showcasing our commitment to fostering professional growth within our firm.

Our dedicated team of direct support staff represented 14% of the respondents.

Additionally, our firm is fortunate to have a talented team of partners, with 6% of respondents holding partner positions.

When examining age demographics, it's exciting to note that our workforce is predominantly composed of individuals in the prime of their careers. The largest age group of respondents falls within the 35-44 age range, comprising 28% of our participants, followed closely by those aged 25-34, making up 27% of the respondents. Our firm benefits from the experience and wisdom of more senior staff members, with 13% of respondents aged 45-54, 10% aged 55-64 and 4% being over 65. We also have enthusiastic young professionals making their mark, as 12% of respondents belong to the 16-24 age group. Some respondents preferred not to provide their age.  Our multi-generational team brings a wealth of expertise and fresh perspectives to our work.

Gender diversity is a priority at our firm, and we are proud to maintain a near equal gender balance among our workforce. The survey results show that 45% of the respondents identify as male, while 47% identify as female. We are proud to embrace our inclusivity and the fact that we respect individual identities.

Our commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace extends to addressing disabilities and ensuring equal opportunities. The survey indicated that a small but significant proportion of our staff, representing 8% of respondents, consider themselves to have a disability under the Equality Act. We remain dedicated to providing an accessible and supportive environment for all team members. Of the respondents, 7% reported that their day-to-day activities are limited slightly due to health problems or disabilities. The most commonly reported health problems or disabilities among our staff are cognitive/learning disabilities, affecting 4% of respondents, followed by mental health conditions, impacting 3% of respondents.

At our firm, we celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures and backgrounds within our team. The survey results showcase the diversity of our staff in terms of ethnicity, with the majority of participants identifying as British/English/Welsh/Northern Irish/Scottish, comprising 55% of the respondents. Indian and Pakistani ethnicities were also well-represented, each accounting for 10% of respondents. Additionally, we have staff members from various other Asian backgrounds, as well as individuals from mixed/multiple ethnic backgrounds, Arab, Black/African/Caribbean/British, and Chinese ethnic groups. Our inclusive environment respects and appreciates the unique heritage of each team member. When it comes to faith, our diverse team includes individuals with different beliefs, with the majority identifying as Christian, followed by those with no religious affiliation, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, and Buddhist backgrounds.

We take pride in fostering an inclusive and respectful environment for individuals of all sexual orientations. According to our survey, the majority of participants identified as Heterosexual/Straight. We also value and support individuals who identify otherwise eg as bisexual, gay,  lesbian, non-binary, etc.  and we remain committed to creating an inclusive workplace for all.

Socio-economic background is an important aspect of diversity, and our survey sheds light on the educational and occupational backgrounds of our team members. A significant number of participants, comprising 35% of respondents, attended state-run or state-funded non-selective schools, reflecting the diverse educational paths that lead to our firm. We also have team members who attended independent or fee-paying schools (15% of respondents) and state-run or state-funded selective schools based on academic, faith, or other grounds (12% of respondents). Additionally, we value the global perspectives brought by our team, with 5% of participants having attended schools outside the British Isles. Furthermore, we take pride in supporting social mobility, as the data reveals that 26% of respondents were the first generation in their family to attend university, exemplifying the opportunities for growth and advancement within our firm.

Caring responsibilities are an essential aspect of work-life balance, and we are committed to supporting our employees in their personal lives. Our survey findings indicate that a significant number of our staff members fulfill caregiving roles. We have 28% of respondents who are primary carers for children under 18, demonstrating our commitment to creating a family-friendly workforce.  Additionally, 12% of respondents provide help or support to family members, friends, neighbors, or others. We understand the importance of flexibility and provide a supportive environment for our employees to balance their personal and professional commitments.

The survey also explored marital status among our staff members. We can report that that 43% of respondents are married and 36% of respondents are single, embracing their independence and individual journeys. We value diversity and recognise that some team members may have unique marital circumstances, with 4% identifying as divorced or formerly in a same-sex civil partnership that is now legally dissolved. We respect the choices and experiences of all our team members.

Maternity and paternity leave are crucial aspects of our commitment to supporting working parents. The survey results indicate that 17% of respondents have taken maternity or paternity leave in the last 5 years. We are proud to report that 95% of those who took maternity or paternity leave returned to our firm after their leave, demonstrating our commitment to supporting their professional growth and ensuring a seamless transition back to work. Additionally, we value the well-being of our employees and strive to accommodate their needs. The survey findings reveal that 48% of entitled respondents received additional leave for ante-natal appointments, and 100% were offered flexible working arrangements on return. We understand the importance of work-life integration and provide the necessary support for our team members to thrive.

In summary, our annual survey for 2023 has provided us with valuable insights into the demographics and experiences of our dedicated team. We take pride in our diverse and inclusive workforce, where gender balance, cultural backgrounds, disabilities, and caring responsibilities are embraced and respected. Our commitment to creating a positive work environment is reflected in the support we offer to working parents and the opportunities for professional growth within our firm. As a prospective employee, you can expect to join a dynamic and inclusive team that values your unique contributions and supports your personal and professional development.