The Private Office at Sopher + Co

At Sopher + Co we adapt our services based on our clients’ needs.

In the last few years, we have seen an increase in the number of clients seeking a more bespoke and hands on service offering without having to put their trust and personal information in the hands of yet another advisor.

The Private Office at Sopher + Co launched in 2020 to provide clients with additional services that complement our current offerings of Tax and Audit & Accounts. These services can be tailored to your individual or business needs and ensure that you are covered and prepared for all eventualities.

Our services include:

Financial Management

Our team at The Private Office can work with you to ensure you are on top of your finances by creating a Net Worth Statement, giving you a full picture of your assets and liabilities,  therefore enabling you to make key decisions. Other services include:  completing an overview of historic or future spending, dealing with the management of bill payments or creating a cash flow to ensure you are on top of future payments.

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Wills & LPAs

Recent research suggests that over 54% of UK adults don’t have a Will in place. This would mean common law will determine what happens to their estate, potentially leaving costly legal battles and uncertainty for their families. Our team can work with you to ensure you have a Will in place that takes into consideration both your financial and personal wishes. We can also work with you to ensure you have LPA’s in place for both your medical and financial interests.

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You’ll never discover you are under-insured, until you make a claim. Our Sopher Plus offering sees us partner with Tysers, a leading Insurance broker, so that you can be assured that the appropriate protection will be provided. Valuations are available and a comprehensive review of your current arrangements and the wider insurance market will be undertaken to help ensure you achieve best value in terms of both cover and price.

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Employment legislation is constantly changing and as an employer you have a duty of care to your employees to ensure that your processes and paperwork are updated accordingly. Whether you employ domestic staff for  your  household,  run  a  small business or a larger organisation the questions are still the same... Are your contracts up to date? Do you offer a pension scheme? Are you GDPR compliant? Have you made the appropriate ‘Right to Work’ checks on your staff?

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Personal Assistant

As part of The Private Office at Sopher + Co, we are able to offer you the services of one of our highly trained Personal Assistants - either virtually or on location.

The Private Office Personal Assistants are able to help with everything from organising events and staff recruitment to looking after all household and property needs – including house moves. The Personal Assistants can (typically) take responsibility for travel arrangements, home filing, email organisation and diary management.

Charged on a retainer or an hourly fee basis, our Personal Assistants are able to link into our other offerings at Sopher + Co (including Financial Management & Insurance) to form a ‘one stop shop’ for all your Private Office needs, leaving you to focus on more important matters.

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