Benjamin Grunberg - Partner

Benjamin is a highly regarded advisor committed to providing professional guidance to a diverse clientele, ranging from owner-managed businesses (OMBs) to international groups.

With a specific focus on assisting entrepreneurial businesses, Benjamin offers tailored advice and services to companies undergoing rapid growth, seeking equity investment, or exploring strategic exits. With a comprehensive understanding of their unique requirements, Benjamin offers invaluable support and guidance, enabling our clients to achieve their financial goals. This includes developing forecasts, budgets, and financial models, optimizing eligible R&D tax claims, providing guidance on potential internal finance hires, and devising staff incentives such as bonus and share option schemes.

Leveraging his expertise and experience, Benjamin strives to deliver advice that not only addresses immediate concerns but also maximises long-term business growth and tax efficiencies. He is dedicated to establishing strong, collaborative partnerships with our clients, ensuring their success through tailored solutions and unwavering support.

Furthermore, Benjamin is a distinguished forensic accountant and expert witness, specialising in corporate litigations involving valuations and loss of earnings assessments, enabling our clients to navigate complex financial situations with confidence.

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