US Expats

US nationals living outside the US have continuing filing obligations and US tax liability, with added complexity brought about by living and working abroad. We can review your situation holistically to ensure compliance and tax efficiency.

Your dedicated personal tax adviser can provide advice on:

  • Personal tax compliance
    Reforms to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) in 2017 created additional complexity for Americans living outside the US. Our advisors can help US taxpayers navigate these changes ensuring compliance.
  • The Streamlined Procedure
    An opportunity for US taxpayers living abroad to avoid penalties and fees by coming into compliance. Our advisors can assist on confirming eligibility and reducing minimising penalties due to late filling & payments.
  • PFICs
    Our US tax advisers can advise ensuring compliance with the strict and extremely complicated tax guidelines set by the IRS on shares in a PFIC.
  • Foreign Company Reporting
    U.S. individuals who own an interest in a foreign company may be required to report their interest to the IRS with their annual U.S. tax return. Corporations under foreign law may be considered corporations for U.S. tax purposes and thus may still need to file a return related to foreign corporations.
  • Trust/ Gift/ Estate Tax
    With complex guidelines our tax advisors will understand your circumstances in order to provide the simple advice ensuring compliance and giving you reassurance that you tax affairs are in order.

And for Non-US Nationals:

  • US Business Income
  • Rental Properties