Raz Miah - Business Systems & Innovations Manager

Raz is a qualified accountant with over 20 years of experience, working across multiple sectors in both Accounting and Corporate firms. Honing his skills he has focused on assisting early-stage founders, startups, and owner-managers build efficient and more profitable businesses.

He has experience of implementing multiple large scale Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, bringing his knowledge and experience to our clients. By leveraging cloud technology to build ERP level systems, it has been possible to facilitate flexible work arrangements, increase efficiency, and gain access to real-time business insights for clients.

After leaving corporate accounting, Raz enhanced his business skillset; specialising in cloud accounting technology and digital transformation projects that deliver flexibility, efficiencies, and real-time business insights. Raz has overseen 1000 of Xero integrations and plays a key role in the Accounting Tech sector having fostered key relationships across the industry, often advising other accounting firms on their digital services.

With a heightened focus on client relationships, Raz displays a keen focus on solving challenging problems that require creative solutions.

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